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Plant 5Effluent treatment plant is needed where ever water is getting polluted by industrial & chemical processes during the production. It make the water reusable for the production. In many cases effluent water from one process may get suitable for reuse in another process somewhere else on site. We offer a wild range industrial effluent treatment plants for application in paint shop, dairies, paper mills, oil refineries, leather industry, glass factories, chemical & processing industries etc. These industrial effluent treatment plants are designed to provide pollution free working environment and recycle the water for other application.

Plant 6The Industrial effluent treatment plants involve different stages of treatments including physio – chemical treatment and biological treatment followed by tertiary treatment. Our engineers can also provide custom design effluent treatment plant based on specific application requirement of the customer. Can provide integrated means combined sewage treatment & effluent treatment set up with simple control to make operation easier. All the effluent treatment plants with the design specifications laid down by the regulatory authority.