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Plant 1Sand Filter & Carbon filter: It is most commonly used type of filter, water moves vertically through sand which often has layer of activated carbon or anthracite coal above the sand, removes the turbidity or suspended solids from the water. Carbon Filters generally use to remove color, odor & chlorides, volatile organic compounds, sediment with turbidity or suspended solids.

Softeners:Hard water may contain excess calcium (Ca+), magnesium (Mg+), to remove these contains softening is needed. Softeners may get used in industrial as well as domestic application.

Plant 2Demineralization Plant: Demineralization or DM Plant helps to remove dissolved minerals from water to make it suitable for industrial and municipal use. The process Involves purifying water by filtering it through a tank containing beads of synthetic resin. These beads are chemically treated to either absorb negatively charged anions or positively charged cations. There are two types of Demineralization, Membrane Demineralization & Mobile Demineralization. Generally used in the ground water, chemical processing, salt removal, sweeteners, waste water, water softening, electro-plating, high pressure boilers.

Reverse Osmosis: Around the world household water purification system includes Reverse Osmosis step, are commonly use for improving water for drinking & cooking. Also get use in the industry.