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Plant 3Sewage treatment is the process which removes majority of the contaminants from waste water or sewage and produces both a liquid effluents suitable for disposal to the natural environment and a sludge. Procedure consist sequence of three major actions, at first step is removal of solids, oil, grease by physical separation, second step includes biological treatment to remove organic load, third step includes filtration as well as disinfection of bacteria. (i.e Primary, Secondary and tertiary)

Plant 4Sewage effluent commonly get reused for gardening, toilet flushing, cleaning, as well as in production after additional further treatments. Even by using advance technology it is now possible to reuse sewage effluents for drinking water too. As well as sludge produced during process may get reused as farm fertilizer. By norms now it is mandatory for industry or residential areas to have STP where sewage generation is more than 5m3/Day. Kalyani Engineers assure you for result oriented design, odour free treated water, as well as we are bound to maintain all outlet parameters much lower than MPCB prescribed norms.